myRoodi - Indoor throwing discs for the little ones to throw and paint!

With myRoodi, even the little ones (from 3 years of age) learn to throw a throwing disc! And it's very easy! The discs are designed in such a way that children only need to open their hands and they float through the living room - a sense of achievement guaranteed!

Yes, it is thrown inside! The panes fly 3-5 meters, there is no risk of injury and the Ming vase is spared!

When the fun is over, it's time to paint: With 3 chic coloring pictures to choose from (safari, space, jungle) everyone has a favorite motif!

myRoodi is available in two versions: as a set with 3 throwing discs (for the family) or in a group set with 30 pieces (e.g. for the school class or children's birthday party). The throwing discs are particularly suitable for children's birthdays, as they can be used as a birthday invitation. Various game ideas for the party can be found in the enclosed game instructions.


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