Sell your IT project ​

It was an amazing idea, but for some reason it just didn’t shine? Or you got a new IT project that takes all your time and devotion, leaving you no capacity to dedicate to the current one? 

Sell it on our project hub.

That does not have to be a completed IT solution. You can place here your IT project of any completion stage. It may be:

  • A concept of an IT project
  • An incomplete IT solution of any percentage of readiness
  • An acomplished IT project that has not been market active
  • A complete and running IT project

To sell your IT project, provide to us the detailed information including:

  • Concept and functionality description
  • Technology stack for all project components (back-end, front-end, etc.)
  • Level of completion
  • Financial information, if applicable (revenue, expenses, number of active users, marketing activities)
  • Expected price
  • Screenshots and/or links to a working prototype or live server (if applicable)
  • Proofs that you are the owner of the project and you are entitled to exercise any operations with the project assests.

Your project details

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